Wednesday 3rd May will see the dissolution of Parliament and so we head into a General Election – GE17.

This election represents many things positive, yet negatively we are seeing a anti-democratic platform further developing under the feet of the inaptly named Liberal Democrats, who have shown themselves to be neither Liberal by intent or Democratic by action.

One could rightly draw lines of association between what was the Social Democratic Party – SDP, the birthplace of the Lib-Dems and their Socialist past in the Labour party of the 70’s & 80’s.

Admittedly the Gang of Four, as the founders of the SDP became known, were moderate in what was becoming a splintered Labour Party of 1981, yet one can not stop and consider the treachery of the SDP to the Labour party and the treachery these descendants of the Gang of Four display to the people of Britain through their constant refusal to accept the result of the EU referendum vote of 2016.

The [Gang of] four left the Labour Party as a result of the January 1981 Wembley conference which committed the party to unilateral nuclear disarmament and withdrawal from the European Economic Community. They also believed that Labour had become too left-wing, and had been infiltrated at constituency party level by Trotskyist factions whose views and behaviour they considered to be at odds with the Parliamentary Labour Party and Labour voters – Wikipedia

Interestingly in 1981, the old Labour party voted to leave the European Economic Community which was to become by 2016 the European Union.

It is against this backdrop of treachery and sabotage of the democratic process by the Lib-Dems that UKIP will be campaigning in the Borough of Sutton. Our motto; Always Country before Party.

Join us and by doing, ensure that Brexit vote is delivered and the Liberal Democrats are soundly and comprehensively defeated  on June 8th.