The residents of Sutton are slowly coming to understand that come 1st April 2017 our waste collection services will change dramatically. As of that date, this collection service will move away from being a service offered by Sutton Council to one operated under a commercial contract by Veolia.

Sutton’s Lib-Dem run Council is promoting this scheme heavily, suggesting that it will save the tax payers within the Borough some £10M Pounds over the next 5 years.

So as of the 1st April all existing Council workers involved in waste collection, winter gritting, street cleaning, etc.. will be transferred as employees to Veolia. This includes the transfer of all vehicles and machinery.

Households will now have to house 5 waste collection bins, with us the residents performing the act of waste separation into its designated container. Saves Veolia a job after all.

Progress is one thing and the realisation of cost savings through the economy of scale achieved through Veolia and their contacts with Croydon and  Merton Councils is another, both to be applauded – yet…one can not but think that the timing of this scheme and the blind determination on the part of Sutton Council suggests that this £10M savings will be used more as an election tool come 2018 and the Council Elections. After all, no one will vote for a Council that increases its Council Tax just before an election…!

On an aside when speaking with Croydon residents, who are served by the same scheme, the feedback is far than flattering. As one Sutton Lib-Dem Councillor stated; “this scheme is unworkable and will be replaced in two or so years”. Wow…!

Please let us not let the Lib-Dem’s trick us once again…!!