Those of us who follow Twitter in the London Borough of Sutton may well have come across the following hash-tag – #SuttonBinShame

The cost of waste disposal and subsequent waste schemes have been a strong feature of this Liberal-Democrat Council for years. Yet despite the Lib-Dem’s being the champions of rubbish in Sutton, have we really seen light at the end of the tunnel?

Back in 2014, on the lead into to last Council election, we had our esteemed Council Leader – Ruth Dombey, standing in front of a 11 tonne 10 foot high pile of rubbish stacked in Sutton’s High Street. The aim was to show how much litter we as residents create on a daily basis across the borough at a cost of £4M per year to the incumbant Lib-Dem Council.

Sutton Guardian Article

This is clearly an issue, yet given the obvious publicity stunt being conducted by the Lib-Dems at the direct cost to Sutton Taxpayers who paid for day, what difference have we seen? Does it not strike you as strange that such a demonstration as to where your money is going is timed just in front of the Council election of May 2014?

So we move forward 3 years to 2017 and we now have a new and imposed waste collection scheme, again estimated to save the Taxpayers of Sutton £10.3M over the next 5 years. Not a small sum of money and one worthy of merit, but what are we left with – a waste scheme that many don’t like, many will not be able to work with, one that really doesn’t work.

So what are we trying to achieve here? A responsible Council that is determined to keep our Tax bill as low as possible, or a Council that is covertly trying to retain power by artificially suppressing Council Tax bills – that is until 2019 when the Council elections are over and then the true cost will be invoiced to every resident.

As responsible Sutton Taxpayers we are all aware that service costs money and in most instances, the cheapest is simply not the best. The best is when the service offered matches the needs of the residents and should that lead to a moderate increase in cost, then in reality you get what you pay for.

To highlight matters, on Saturday 8th April Sutton witnessed what for many was a total joke when several hundreds of people queued up at B&Q so to try to get more recycle bins. And guess what, they ran out, leaving behind many frustrated residents and a gridlocked Sutton. a master stroke in planning and implementation…not!

Sutton Guardian Article

Of course we could go on about the incinerator being built down Beddington Lane, although that particular horse has been flogged to death. We have yet to reap the impact on this one.

UKIP recognise that waste recycling is an important aspect of our modern domestic lives, yet we also recognise that any scheme has to be sustainable and workable. We totally reject the implementation of any waste scheme that is simply being imposed so to ensure our re-election through the wallet.

Don’t be conned, we deserve better than this..!