Today London saw another march – Unite for Europe – objecting to the simplest of facts – we are leaving the EU. What these people feel they will achieve with these marches is open to debate, as in truth the people of this County spoke of 26th June 2016 and there message was clear – we want to leave the European Union.

Sky News anchor attacks Unite for Europe march and Tim Farron | UK | News |

Yet despite the Country voting to leave, the Lib-Dem’s remain defiant in the face of the democratic process. Our own MP – Tom Brake, proudly declares his participation in this march, despite his own constituents in Carshalton & Wallington voting overwhelmingly to Leave.

You only have to look back at the heritage of the Lib-Dem’s to perhaps find out why. They are a party born from a merger between Ex-Socialists from the Labour Party (Social Democrats) and an all but forgotten political history lesion called the Liberal Party.

So should we consider the Lib-Dem’s as; new Labour…? Well there is a case to say we should.

With regard to more modern times, we must hold and continue to hold the Lib-Dem’s accountable for this blatant attempt to defy democracy. In truth democracy is a concept they promote, yet they would and do deny it to the very people who they claim to serve. Poor politics of the lowest order.

Only through UKIP will the will of the people be enacted. Only through UKIP will the democratic process be delivered.