For the past week, the condition of the ponds at Carshalton has been a hot local topic. The lowering of the water level has caused unnecessary distress to wildlife and residents alike, yet why has this happened?

According to Tom Brake MP, the lowering in the water levels is a result of cracks in the concrete bed of the ponds, cracks which are allowing water to escape faster than it can be supplied.

The following Sutton Guardian article explains

Yet also according to our Tom, these cracks are the direct result of a failure on the part of Sutton Council to perform maintenance on the ponds! Wow really…!!

Although we have no doubt that Tom knows best on this particular matter, what we can’t explain is why there is no reference to the one common denominator, being; the Liberal Democrats? Tom is a Lib-Dem MP and we have a Lib-Dem run Council – so it’s not hard to join the dots here, unless of course you don’t want the association.

For many years now we in Sutton have listened to our Council complaining that services are being curtailed because of a reduction in funding from Central Government. Yet the reality is; Sutton Lib-Dems are very aware that should there be a hefty increase in our Council Tax so to cater for matters such as the maintenance of Carshalton Ponds, then their popularity will fall and when it does, they will lose Council seats and ultimately their MP.

Let us quickly question; how much money have the Lib-Dems wasted on vanity projects such as Wallington High Street, Hackbridge Corner to name but two. Hundreds of Thousands is the answer, especially in the case of Hackbridge, a scheme that had to be corrected several times before the very residents it was meant for where happy and felt safe.

We need to hold these Liberal Democrats to account and the only way we can do this is through the Ballot Box come May 2018.

For the people of Sutton; its time for change, its time for accountability, its time that the residents of the London Borough of Sutton once again enjoy a balanced and democratic Council.

Only through UKIP will you see this choice and balance.

Let’s hope that during the coming week(s) the Ponds at Carshalton can be rectified, restoring what is home to many species of wildlife. Let’s hope this kind of madness ends soon.